The mechanism for focussing the telescope around the distant stars merits specific interest. The whole instrument with its subsidiary equipment hinges on an enormous axle 8 feet lengthy which supports both the barrel and two eleven-ton counterweights. This axle is geared to a potent motor which offers elevation for the barrel , although rotation is achieved by rotation from the platform. The mechanism is so arranged that once a star is brought into focus it can be followed in its course via the heavens with no additional adjustment. The astronomer is hence relieved of the necessity of altering his position because the position from the observed planet changes. He merely wants take a single position for observation along with the mechanism keeps the star in focus. Steel girders form the significant assistance of the entire construction cartier swiss replica , and the barrel of the telescope is braced rigidly with heavy cables. The total weight amounts to greater than 130 tons. The instrument is protected by a gigantic canvas cover throughout storms. swiss cartier replica watches

German Telescope is One of a kind in Design and style (Aug, 1930)

Sure, it is a "telescope".

German Telescope is Unique in Design

ANEW departure within the way of style and operation of high power telescopes has been effected at the Treptow astronomical observatory, near Berlin, which can be 1 of the most effective in Germany. Of a design that may be distinctly unique-it might be named modernistic-the new mammoth telescope, shown within the photo at the left, has many features that add immensely to the facility of star-gazing.

One in the chief options from the new telescope would be the barrel. It truly is built in sections, and resembles at a distance a war time "big bertha." For this reason the inhabitants on the surrounding territory have provided it the name with the "Peace Gun." The barrel is 70 feet long, with a weight of 22 tons imitation cartier watch ; the lenses have a diameter of 28 inches and are a foot thick. 3 months have been necessary in the grinding and polishing of your lens which magnify the stars to a size exactly where each of the information from the surface of distant planets are plainly visible.

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