Because Eden was so photogenic, she became by far the most sought-after model in the Fred Archer School of Photography in California. Our heroine progressed from there to style and commercial photography and is presently winning a increasing group of fans by appearing on tv shows. Asked, "Do you want to acquire into the movies" Miss Hartford has the proper answer. "What girl doesn't" is her fitting reply.

Eden came to Hollywood from Salt Lake City. She's really a designing woman-in an artistic sense, we hasten to add-and she is really talented at making her own wardrobe, painting, interior decoration and also the allied arts. Her ambition? Effectively, besides her profession in video along with the motion pictures, she'd prefer to be a dress designer.

But if Eden did wish to be a "designing woman'" in the other sense, she's well-equipped for that also. as these pictures prove. A slender girl breitling watches replica , she is 5 feet seven inches tall and weighs 126. Her measurements are 36-25-35, practically perfect for modeling.

Eden lias the features of a high fashion model also. She wears her silky black hair in a page-hoy bob and is one of the few ladies in Hollywood who appears great with "doe eyes."' These eyes, fake breitling watch incidentally, have been named the "most thrilling" inside the film capital, a verdict with which we wouldn't be disposed to argue. Higher cheek hones, stunning lips plus a whimsical, pixie-like smile comprehensive Eden's equipment for results on stage, screen or television.

Anything else you'd like to know in regards to the enchanting Miss Hartford? If that old Chinese proverb about one particular picture getting worth a thousand words is appropriate, we require write nothing more!

GARDEN OF EDEN (Feb, 1951)


The thrilling eyes of beautiful Eden Hartford have already been named a mirror on the "eternal feminine"

LOVELY Eden Hartford appears much more like a languorous Eve than the Eden her mother named her breitling imitation . And like Eve, the eternal feminine, Eden becomes decorative in numerous poses and lots of guises. That high-quality is what began the young lady-she's still only 20-on an expert career somewhat more than a year ago.

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